Saturday, September 12, 2015

Trailer - Replacing Rotted Front Wall

So the time has come to tackle the rotted front wall of the trailer. It was easy to remove the plywood panelling considering it had become delaminated. 

All of the tools, paint, caulking, and screws I'm using for the project.

Some saws and working space. 

I took off more of the front wall than I did the back wall (more rot). 

I used this method for both the front and rear walls to increase the wall thickness while using existing studs. 

All framed up and ready to put back together. I added some cross bracing and extra support for the corners. 

The plastic is pulled up from the bottom of the trailer. 

Lots of spray foam to fill in the gaps. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Trailer - Replacing Exterior Doors and Finishing Wheel Wells

Fender flares reinstalled. I also painted them

Installed the new water heater. 6 gallons.

Reinstalled the baggage door.

Replaced the power cable door.

Forming the sheeting around the plywood for the wheel well caps.